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MyDreamy was created to help babies adapt to new conditions from the first moments of their life. Our mascots are unique because they feature 5 types of white  noise ,approximating the sounds heard in the mother's womb, which are produced by a sound module, giving the child a sense of security and calming him or her down. This, in turn, assists the baby in falling asleep calmly and soothing the symptoms of baby colic. MyDreamy(apart from the “Sleepy Heart model) also features 5 types of calming tunes, including the sound of classical music, which allows the baby to relax when playing or resting. An additional built-in Intelligent CRY sensor function analyses ambient noise and is particularly sensitive to a child's cry. It switches on automatically when the device detects sounds and interprets them as crying. Another interesting and innovative feature of our mascot is its design. We have added patches of sensory fabric (it produces a quiet, rustling sound) in several places. Our aim behind it was to stimulate your baby’s auditory perception and to encourage play through awakening the little person’s natural curiosity and desire to explore. Our mascot is designed not only for babies but it also works for older children who like to fall asleep to the sound of white noise or tunes. We sincerely hope that you will appreciate the quality of our product and our best efforts to bring you something well made, fit for purpose and designed on the basis of feedback collected from many parents. We would also like to inform you that we design and manufacture our products in Europe in accordance with the highest standards of quality. We use hypoallergenic certified materials with the utmost care to meet your requirements and guarantee safe and trouble-free use in the future, so that your babies can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.



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